Stratum’s Executive Search Team Welcomes Robert Richman As the New Esse Health CFO

As of June 2021, Robert Richman is the new Chief Financial Officer for Esse Health in St. Louis, MO. 

The move comes after Mr. Richman’s one-year stint as the Vice President of Revenue Contracting for Episode Solutions. Before this, he was at Esse Health as the Vice President of Corporate Development. This marks his return to the giant health conglomerate after a year’s hiatus.

Stratum’s Executive Search Team was pivotal in the re-pairing of Robert Richman and Esse Health. The successful return marks a momentous time for Stratum Med, showcasing the viability of the network and Search Team.

Esse Health is an independent physician group known for delivering patient-centered care to all age groups in the St. Louis Metro area. Their mission is to build a strong collection of doctors, technicians, administrators, and clinical staff to improve the well-being of their patients. Adding Mr. Richman is one more step towards achieving that goal.

CFO Robert Richman is now partnered with Esse Health CEO and president David Kearney, who came on board two months after Mr. Richman. In an interview with St. Louis Magazine, Mr. Kearney spoke about the goals he has for the company and for St. Louis healthcare in general: “First, I hope to grow the company by providing options for underserved areas… We have the flexibility to evaluate new opportunities quickly and to be able to move on those opportunities. Second, I want to continue providing value-based care for our patients.”

Mr. Kearney also touched on how he aims to make healthcare more affordable to St. Louis residents. “We are already a leader in providing affordable health care for the St. Louis region,” he said. “Value-based care is about quarterbacking the care for a patient, which means we spend more time with our patients, and then we stay engaged with them beyond our physician offices.”

Together, Mr. Kearney and Mr. Richman make for a formidable team with decades of experience in the healthcare industry. They are hard at work ensuring healthcare is affordable for the St. Louis Metro area while providing top-of-the-line care to every patient Esse Health cares for.

As for the Stratum Executive Search Team, we couldn’t be more proud of the efforts they exuded in making the connection between Robert Richman and Esse Health possible. As a collaborative alliance of physician groups, search efforts were pivotal in showing Stratum’s value as a lucrative resource for physician-owned operations to find whatever they need personnel-wise. Whether they need physicians, clinical staff, or executive staff, Stratum’s next-level efforts and connections can create ideal networking and staffing opportunities.

Other top-level executives at Esse Health include Chairman of the Board David Hartenbach, M.D.; Chief Operations Officer Erin Stamm, MBA, RHIA, NCP; and Chief Medical Officer Rishi Sud, M.D. 

Tennille Kendrick, MBA, the Vice President of Corporate Development, took over after Robert Richman’s initial departure back in 2020. 

The growth of these Midwestern medical groups is something Stratum likes to see. Efforts will continue as we engage with high-quality executives and physicians to provide the best care for all patients in the Midwest. 

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