The Iowa Clinic Care Expansion in South Waukee brings Cath Lab Accessibility

Marking a significant milestone in healthcare excellence, The Iowa Clinic is set to open its expansive 60,000 square foot multi-specialty clinic and surgery center in South Waukee on February 26. This state-of-the-art facility represents the third facility in Waukee, offering a comprehensive range of medical services, including urgent care, pediatrics, family medicine, physical therapy, and more.

A groundbreaking addition to The Iowa Clinic’s South Waukee location is the introduction of an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) featuring a cutting-edge cardiac cath lab. This cath lab, a first of its kind in Iowa, separates itself by being situated within the ASC, breaking away from the traditional hospital setting. Boasting a team of expert specialists in orthopaedic, foot and ankle, hand surgery, pain management, and cardiology, the facility is equipped to perform a variety of procedures.

Cardiac catheterization, a pivotal diagnostic and intervention tool for cardiologists, has evolved into a minimally invasive procedure, thanks to advancements in technology and technique. The Iowa Clinic embraces this progress, allowing routine and secure procedures to take place in an ASC, increasing accessibility for patients.

Recognizing the challenges many Iowans face in accessing such crucial services, The Iowa Clinic is committed to its core values of expanding healthcare access to all communities. Acknowledging heart disease as the leading cause of death in Iowa, the clinic is addressing this concern directly. In 2019 alone, The Iowa Clinic recorded over 54,000 patient visits for cardiology services, emphasizing the pressing need to enhance access.

Taking its commitment, a step further, The Iowa Clinic has established rural outreach locations in 19 central Iowa towns, extending its medical services to communities such as Perry, Guthrie Center, Boone, Jefferson, Carroll, and Winterset on the metro’s western side. Residents in these towns and surrounding areas can now receive local care from The Iowa Clinic providers and seamlessly continue their treatment at the newly inaugurated cardiac catheterization lab.

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