Networking Opportunities

Access a wealth of pooled resources and intellectual capital with Stratum. Associated organizations actively share experiences, both good and bad, in an effort to lift each other’s practices collectively. The sole purpose of shared knowledge is to replicate success across all organizations, while at the same time reducing the duplication of failed processes. Stratum’s greatest advantage lies in the ability to network and collaborate with other esteemed, multi-specialty groups and to tackle common challenges and develop mutually-beneficial solutions.

Shared Learning Initiatives

Gain essential knowledge by partaking in Stratum’s Shared Learning work group structure, driven by a subset of specialized work groups and designed to promote collaborative environments where common issues are mutually addressed and solutions benefit all.



Stay close to emerging trends,
technological advances, access
a portfolio of preferred vendor
contracts and work collaboratively
with peers to establish best
practices within all aspects
of the revenue cycle space

Imaging & Laboratory

Participate in a peer network that reviews Provista’s quarterly vendor group buys, provide feedback on potential capital equipment purchases and hear from Stratum representatives on Provista’s Imaging and Lab Councils


Engage with other HR leaders
to work through common
challenges and industry
relevance including: employee
benefits, leadership development,
engagement, strategies to navigate
labor force challenges,
DEI policies, etc.


Join a peer group that
provides an intimate
and focused outlet for
medical groups to work
and learn together
across the finance
and accounting spectrum,
while staying current on
legislative developments, systems
and services, compensation,
staffing, etc.


Work collaboratively with
like-minded medical group
leaders to learn, develop
and share best practices,
gain clinic efficiencies,
implement process improvement,
leverage new point
technology and solutions and
tackle common challenges collectively

Clinical Leaders

Promote and foster clinical
leadership to improve care
delivery, embrace technology
efficiencies and collectively
prepare for the continuous
transition to value based care


Interact with Marketing
leaders to increase value
and stay proficient and
relevant in quickly evolving
consumer driven behaviors
such as digital & paid
media, SEO, CRM, online
reputation management, etc.

Information Technology

Spearhead sophisticated
technology solutions, minimize
technology trialing risks, and
enhance the spread
of new innovations by
sharing mutually beneficial

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Engage with some of the
most prominent independent
multi-specialty ASCs in
the country to drive clinical
and financial performance through
benchmarking, shared protocols
and refine processes


Join a peer group of
like-minded independent
physician practices that
steers one of the country’s
largest purely ambulatory supply
collaborative partnerships

Benefit from the efficiency and shared knowledge obtained from participating with other like-minded organizations in the country’s leading medical group collaborative