Stratum ACO

Stratum Med ACO sets itself apart with our influential physician-led medical groups and documented history of prioritizing collaboration. Our focus isn’t just on grouping together for financial savings, but rather on developing a community founded on genuine support.

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Stratum’s key members, in partnership with Signify Health, have come together to create Stratum Med ACO. As one of the largest MSSP ACOs in the entire country, this groundbreaking collaboration strengthens connections between physician-driven organizations while establishing a successful platform founded on value-based payment. More money saved and more burden of patient-care risk lifted means increased efficiency for all participating medical groups.

Stratum Med ACO isn’t just focused on the savings generated from our collective power together. Instead, Stratum Med ACO is the first pioneering ACO to put emphasis on the practice, not just the numbers.

Learn how the country’s leading medical group collaborative is uniquely positioned to take risk over a large attribution of lives within a high-performing physician group driven environment