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Stratum’s insurance business strategy uses a supply chain approach to provide superior coverage and services to all partners. By pooling member volume and coverage lines to a single, preferred insurance broker, Stratum members can take advantage of premium rates and streamlined insurance procedures, all meticulously managed by the Stratum Brokerage Company, L.L.C, Stratum’s wholly-owned brokerage firm.

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$ 0 Million
Saved in 2021 for Participating Members
$ 0 Million

Stratum's Key Insurance Strategies

Achieve premium savings through aggregation and consolidation

Effectively track and manage brokerage commissions

Introduce enhanced coverage options unavailable to singular organizations

Guarantee rate stability even during adverse insurance market cycles

Optimize service and assurance accountability from our broker partners

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Stratum’s National Brokerage Partner


Lockton Companies actively provides comprehensive, affordable coverage to physician groups
and healthcare systems. Using the power of group purchasing, Lockton’s specialized healthcare
insurance department provides cutting-edge cost control and unwavering insurance assurance.
As Stratum’s national brokerage partner, Stratum members have access to Lockton’s breadth of
employee benefits, in-depth property and casualty services, and total risk management

The Right Choice for the Healthcare Industry

A healthcare-specialized insurance broker can significantly enhance the quality and savings of your medical organizations' insurance coverage by offering​

Leverage our extensive resources, unique program volume and dedicated healthcare expertise to optimize your employee benefits and risk management