Our Story

Since 1996, Stratum Med has specialized in bringing together medical professionals of all
different backgrounds in order to achieve mutually beneficial success for all practitioners. A
physician-owned, physician-led collaborative alliance of cross-country medical organizations,
Stratum has successfully sustained relationships with over 100 healthcare organizations
nationally and represents approximately 12,000 physicians and counting. Midwest-based with
national outreach, we aim to facilitate groundbreaking medical innovation, collaborate with high-achieving medical groups, and leverage group buying power to decrease item costs. Above all,
our goal is to connect shareholders and clients to achieve the best solutions for everyone.

At Stratum, we believe that success comes by following our deep-rooted beliefs and ideals:

Stratum med was founded

9 owners, no clients


12 owners, no clients

-Acquired physician recruitment dept. -Licensed claims processing platform -Founded GPO program

1998 - 2004

-Decision to market/sell services -Established client relationships -Founded stratum brokerage company

12 owners, no clients

2005 - 2008

19 owners, 100+ clients

-10 core service lines Stratum celebrated 25 Years!



Business Model

Leverage volume to save money, promote shared learning and identify and pursue business strategies made feasible by bringing a collection of medical groups together



Help independent physician groups remain independent and help health system physicians achieve profitability, efficiency and a strong influence in healthcare delivery


Company Values

Honesty, integrity and transparency in all we do, focused on delivering business opportunities to enhance patient care and financial performance.

Gain cost savings and benefit from shared knowledge by participating in the country’s leading medical group collaborative