Stratum Welcomes The Jackson Clinic As A New Shareholder

Stratum Med, a formidable healthcare collective, has welcomed the Jackson Clinic as its newest shareholder! Located in West Tennessee, The Jackson Clinic offers local patients an affordable and comprehensive healthcare system, providing the care individuals need to live their most fulfilling lives.

What makes this partnership particularly exciting is that Stratum does not currently have a shareholder in Tennessee. Through the expansion of their network with Stratum, the healthcare professionals at The Jackson Clinic can access more resources, knowledge, and advanced technologies than ever before!  

Stratum Med gains not only a shareholder who broadens their area of care but also a team of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who bring over seven decades of healthcare knowledge to their collective.

As a shareholder of Stratum Med, The Jackson Clinic can now have access to a new network of vendors and service providers, allowing for more robust buying power and negotiation opportunities. And, of course, the mutual support between the Jackson Clinic and Stratum Med encourages physicians and other healthcare professionals to continuously improve their methods, practices, and education, focusing on creating a culture of excellence.

With countless state-of-the-art technologies, healthcare services, and a full-service pharmacy, the Jackson Clinic offers full-service healthcare to its patients from the moment they schedule their appointment. It is one of the largest healthcare networks of its kind, making it a perfectly suited shareholder to welcome to Stratum Med.

Ultimately, as a shareholder of Stratum Med, The Jackson Clinic has a new world of opportunities for everything from improved practice standards to business solutions. The Jackson Clinic, an already powerful healthcare collective, becomes even stronger and more advanced as they enter its partnership with Stratum Med. One thing is for sure. There are many exciting things to come from this new partnership!

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