Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

As a physician-led boutique recruitment agency, Stratum possesses all the healthcare industry experience required to match the optimal candidate to your medical organization. We consider both the job requirements and company culture to find the perfect candidate for your needs.

Stratum carefully considers all of the unique factors involved in each organization's specific job
search process, from job requirements to cultural fit. Our boutique-style recruitment agency
allows us to hand-select the optimal candidate to fill your position.

As a comprehensive healthcare alliance, Stratum offers members and shareholders a wide
range of advantages that can't be found elsewhere.

Stratum is a boutique agency that prioritizes tailoring the scope of services and pricing based upon clients! needs, as well as providing innumerable savings to our partners. For more information about your specific situation, contact us online.

Stratum provides premium insurance coverage at favorable rates by partnering with a national broker specializing in healthcare. By consolidating to achieve optimal savings, Stratum can provide enhanced coverage options and greater accountability throughout all market cycles.

Stratum's insurance program provides an overwhelming amount of benefits to participating
organizations. Some benefits include access to enhanced coverage options, increased broker
accountability, and more favorable rates, among others.

To learn more about joining Stratum's program and the wealth of benefits that Stratum's
programs can provide, reach out to us through the Contact Us page. We'll be in touch as soon as

Stratum leverages volume to achieve premium savings for group purchasing. By combining the buying power of independent medical organizations, we can ensure optimal savings.

Stratum provides partner organizations with management that streamlines procedures and oversees all accounting, communications, and additional management services.

Intrigued by our story? Could your group benefit from the efficiency and shared knowledge obtained from participating with other like-minded organizations in the country’s leading medical group collaborative?