Stratum Med Announces Partnership with Healthcare Payments Provider

Stratum Med is committed to continually working to find ways to deliver value to our Shareholders and Clients. One of the ways we do this is by introducing our members to Industry providers who deliver meaningful results. We are pleased to announce a new preferred partner – a team of healthcare finance experts who are changing the relationships between providers and their financial partners.

With more than 500 hospitals, physician groups and health system clients in 48 states, CommerceHealthcare aims to deliver a better financial experience for both healthcare providers and patients by offering innovative solutions with superior service and support. A division of Commerce Bank, CommerceHealthcare has developed over the last decade by the growing number of highly experienced revenue cycle, treasury and finance professionals who have brought specialized knowledge to help finance leaders tackle the complex challenges facing their organizations. Their consultative approach to understanding each organization’s goals, processes and challenges allows them to create efficiencies and savings for payments across the revenue cycle. 

In addition to offering traditional banking solutions, CommerceHealthcare offers several solutions developed specifically for the healthcare industry:

  • Healthcare Receivables Management: Solutions that complement existing revenue cycle systems while delivering remittance posting and reconciliation efficiencies for insurance and patient payments.
  • Healthcare Accounts Payable Solutions: Automated, electronic payment technologies that transform the accounts payable department by removing remaining paper processes while generating new or complimentary revenue streams.
  • Patient Financial Engagement: Online and point of service consumer engagement that creates a simple and positive payment experience for patients, while automating the reconciliation process for the revenue cycle team. 

Please contact Jennifer Vallowe ( or visit the CommerceHealthcare website or LinkedIn page for more information.   

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